Great Taste Starts with Specially Selected White Wheat.

Ultragrain starts in the field, where we work directly with family farms in Colorado and surrounding states to grow exclusive white wheat varieties that are milder and sweeter than standard red—and even white—whole wheat.

Most whole wheat flours are made from red wheat, so they’re typically darker, grittier, and show more brown specks. In fact, the more appealing texture of conventional white flour results from sifting out the bran and germ, which contain the majority of fiber and nutrients.

When milling Ultragrain, we grind the entire kernel—including the bran and germ—in a unique way, achieving the same consistency and fine granulation as white flour. This retains 100% of the whole grain nutrition in Ultragrain, including the naturally occurring fiber, vitamins and minerals.

That’s how Ultragrain delivers whole grain nutrition with the appeal of white flour, and gives you the best of both worlds!

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