My Plate

For nearly 20 years, the Food Pyramid has been quite visible in a number of variations. But now the USDA’s long-recognized diagram has been replaced by “MyPlate”, the new symbol of healthier eating and nutrition.

Divided into four distinct sections, the colorful icon depicts Protein, Grains, Fruits and Vegetables, along with Dairy on the side. Officials say the intent behind “MyPlate” is to simplify nutrition recommendations, and help consumers more easily visualize what should be on their plates at mealtimes.

But while the symbol is designed to serve as a general guide, it’s also based on a new set of dietary guidelines released in 2011. Recommendations include reducing salt intake and portion size, limiting saturated fats, dedicating half your food plate to fruits and vegetables, and making half your grains whole grains. SuperKids makes this transition easier by providing whole grain options made with Ultragrain® and Sustagrain®.

For more information about “MyPlate”, you can visit the USDA’s website at:

MyPlate – Make Half Your Grains Whole Tip Sheet
MyPlate – 10 Tips to a Great Plate Tip Sheet
MyPlate – Salt and Sodium – 10 Tips to Help You Cut Back Tip Sheet
MyPlate – Be a Healthy Role Model for Children Tip Sheet
MyPlate – Graphics Slick
MyPlate – Coloring Sheet
MyPlate – Blank Coloring Sheet

These, and other tools, can also be found at

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