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1. How many students are in your district?
2. How many students participate in your
school foodservice program?
Breakfast: Lunch: After School:
3. Who is your primary distributor?
4. Do you bake from scratch using flour or mixes in your district (do not include parbaked items)?
a) Do you use Ultragrain 100% whole wheat flour?
b) Do you use Ultragrain T-2 (55% Ultragrain/45% white flour?)
c) Do you use Commodity Flour?
d) Do you use other flours (please list)?
e) Do you use mixes (please list)?
Do you experience any challenges when scratch baking?
If yes, which items?
5. If you've participated in SuperKids in the last year, did you add any of the items
you sampled to your menu?
a) If yes, which items?
6. Do you look for “Ultragrain” when trying new whole grain-rich foods?
7. Do you participate in any waivers for whole grain-rich foods?
If yes, for what items?
8. Do you prefer items that are bulk packed or individually wrapped?
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