Ultragrain Biscuits & More Mix

Ultragrain Biscuits and More Mix

Made with Ultragrain

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Versatile, whole grain-rich Ultragrain® Biscuits and More Mix makes it easy to add scratch baking to your menu!

With the Ultragrain Biscuits and More Mix and Ultragrain whole wheat flours, it’s easy to meet USDA guidelines and make the switch to whole grain-rich for your school menu. Ultragrain is the only patented whole wheat flour to combine whole grain nutrition with the taste, texture and appearance of white flour that kids love. Simply add water to the Ultragrain Biscuits and More Mix and customize with flavor inclusions to create a variety of delicious scratch baked foods like scones, drop biscuits, biscuit dogs, jammers, empanadas and dumplings.

Manufactured by: Ardent Mills

Sample Specifics

Nutrition Facts

Ultragrain Biscuits and More Mix

Amount Of
Whole Grain
Per Serving
Varies depending on recipe
Calories (per 100g serving) 410.6g
Fat Content (per 100g serving) 14.8g
Saturated Fat (per 100g serving) 4.7g
Fiber (per 100g serving) 5.2g
Protein 9.4g


Type Ultragrain Biscuits and More Mix
Shelf Life 120 days in unopened bag when stored in clean, cool, and dry area. Product should be stored in a clean dry area at temperatures of 16-20ºC (59-68ºF) and maximum 60% relative humidity.
Frozen Or Dry All baking mixes are shipped dry.
States Or Regions Available All samples are available on a national basis
  For more Ultragrain Biscuits and More Mix recipes including scones, biscuit dogs, drop biscuits, jammers, empanadas, cinnamon biscuits and herb dumplings, contact Ardent Mills at info@ardentmills.com.

Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer Ardent Mills
Company Address 1875 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO 80202
Main Telephone # (800) 851-9618
Website www.ardentmills.com - www.ultragrain.com
Sales Contact (Name, Phone, Email) Order Ultragrain through your local distributor.
Samples Contact (Name, Phone, Email) For Ultragrain Biscuits & More Mix contact Jill Egnoski at jill.egnoski@ardentmills.com.
For Ultragrain T-2 Flour contact J.M. Swank at (319) 626-5907 or www.jmswank.com.


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